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Securing Cargo During Transit

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New 2K Klicker Container Bolt Seal

New 2k Klicker Bolt Seal 2014

Bolt Seals

ISO 17712 Certified

Meets C-TPAT Requirements, All Colours Available

High Security Cable Seal Z-lock

New Product 2014

Cable Seal Z Lock

Incredible New Cable Seal

Only Cable Seal to be Customs Approved

New Trailer Seals

The Simulock

New & Improved Trailer Seal

Fort Hasp Airline Padlock Sealt

Mega Fortris Security Seals - #1 UK Manufacturer of Container Bolt Seals, Cable Seals and Security Bags

Mega Airline Padlocks
Electronic Intelleseal T
C-TPAT Compliant Container Seals

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  • When is a Security Seal NOT a Security Seal? Part 2 (Tamper Evident Seal)

    Carrying on from our thoughts in last week’s blog “When is a Security Seal NOT a Security Seal”; in this week’s blog we discuss the second factor of Trailer and Container breach. Many organisations use security seals which just does the job. However nowadays thieves have become smarter than the organisations think.

    Raj Patel
  • When is a Security Seal NOT a Security Seal?

    We start this blog with a question which may be of significance in the current market of Loss Prevention and in fact any industry which use various forms of transportation for their goods. Looking into the recent trend many organisations look to save as much as possible many opting to do this within their operational costs. However do we realise the consequences of this? 

    Raj Patel
  • Transport Security Best Practices to prevent Illegal Immigration by Mega Fortris UK

    Mega Fortris UK has learnt of new UK Laws for securing vehicles crossing the UK Border Controls.

    Raj Patel
  • Customer Service

    Our team work very hard to ensure everything goes smoothly for our customers from the point of purchase and even after sale. Mega Fortris values all their customers no matter if they order £10’s worth of product or £100 worth of product we provide the best services to all our customers and do not discriminate our dedication of the best customer services to customers whom place big orders.

    Paul Perry