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Securing Cargo During Transit

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New Security Solution, Mega Asset Protection Program
High Security Cable Seal Z-lock

New Product 2014

Cable Seal Z Lock

Incredible New Cable Seal

Only Cable Seal to be Customs Approved

New 2K Klicker Container Seal

New 2k Klicker Bolt Seal 2014

Bolt Seals

ISO 17712 Certified

Meets C-TPAT Requirements, All Colours Available

Trailer Door Security Seals

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Utility Meter Seals
Security Seals for Airline Containers
C-TPAT Compliant Container Seals

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  • Mini Fast Seal available for various Applications

    Mega Fortris is the leading manufacturer and a specialist designer of security seals, tamper-evident products and integrated security solutions presents one of their recent inventions the Mini Fast Seal. The latest edition to the plastic seal family, the Mini Fast Seal is designed to be used for various applications such as ATM Machines, Money Boxes, and Catering Trolleys. The new design allows the seal to be placed on smaller application allowing the customers to place the seal on applications with limited space.

    Raj Patel
  • Calais Crisis: 'How to Secure' Freight Traffic to the UK'

    There have been more than 8000 recorded attempted trailer and container breaches by migrants that are bound for the UK from Calais. Every migrant found on a transport company vehicle receives heavy fines per migrant found. In the last 12 months fines issued have increased by 50% with more than 3,300 fines were issued by UK Border Force staff in 2014-15, up from 2,177 in 2013-14. These are only the recorded figures there have been far more attempts which have gone unrecorded making transportation very difficult for organisations to import and export goods from and to the UK.

    Mega Fortris UK
  • Calais Crisis: Mega Fortris UK to provide 'Secure' Freight Traffic

    Many organisations have recently been facing major issues with the issues of securing their cargo and their trailers may this by nationally or internationally. However most of their issues seem to be surrounded by breach of their trailers. Within this blog Mega Fortris is going to inform you of some statistics surrounding the whole phenomenon of Transport and Logistics with the help from TAPA EMEA. 

    Raj Patel
  • Has Mega Fortris just created the ultimate High security seal in the World?

    Introducing our newest edition to the Mega family the 2K Klicker. 

    Raj Patel